30 Day Challenge: Touch It Once

30 Day Challenge: Touch It Once

Welcome to the August 2019 30-Day Challenge. This month I will be looking at a “touch it once” habit.

Touch It Once

Touch it once was an attitude I had written about years ago (see Increase Your Productivity By Touching It Once: every time you touch something, you put it in its final place.

Get the mail from the box? Toss the junk mail out immediately instead of putting it down on the table and accumulating a pile. Get something out? Put it away rather than setting it down to be put away later. Cooking? Rinse and put dishes in dishwasher as you are done with them, rather than piling them in the sink.

Touch it once is all about avoiding those middle steps which breed procrastination and clutter.

Why I Chose This

Since I have noticed things piling up lately, I thought I would give it a try. I’ve developed habits like

  • Dropping my lunch bag on the counter instead of unpacking it and putting it in the dishwasher
  • Opening the mail and leaving it in the kitchen
  • Taking off my shoes after work and leaving them on the steps
  • Dropping craft supplies and luggage on the guest room bed rather than putting them away

What I Hope To Get

I hope that being conscious about this habit will help make things tidier in the house, and prevent little piles from turning into huge problems.

Want to Join Me?

If you want to try this, please feel free. You can tweet your progress to me @LJEarnest with #LE30Day or leave a comment on the article.

— Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash —