aBreevy8: A Tool I Can’t Function Without

aBreevy8: A Tool I Can’t Function Without
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I’ve been using the old version of aBreevy8 (Breevy) for almost 15 years. It is a tool that saves me time every single day. And the newest version, rebranded aBreevy8, is just as solid and useful as the previous version.

I didn’t realize I needed a text expander tool until the first contact with 16Software (15 years ago) asked me to look at Breevy. I quickly realized how useful text expansion is. Simply put, you type in a couple of characters, and the program expands them to whatever is stored. This could be something simple like an email address or phone, or it could be as large as a complete boilerplate email addressing a customer issue.

About a year ago, though, concerned with Breevy not having updated in a while, I started looking at the other text expander tools. And not a single one could touch the functionality of Breevy. When aBreevy8 was launched, I was relieved I was not going to lose a tool I use multiple times every single day.

Why I Love aBreevy8

aBreevy8 is an all-inclusive text expansion tool. But it does more…

  • ABrevvy8 has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Once I learned the syntax for putting in keystrokes there was no stopping me. But one of my friends, who is not a programmer, uses the built in point-and-click to do really complex functions as well.
  • aBreevy8 simulates delays. Sometimes programs just aren’t fast enough. And so you can have your expansion wait before doing the next part of the abbreviation. This is wonderful for filling out web forms and navigating through slow apps.
  • aBreevy8 can simulate anything you can do on the keyboard. This includes switching windows between applications or accessing menus.
  • aBreevy8 allows ALL keys. Some text expansion tools allow for the standard keyboard and possibly Control key combinations, but aBreevy8 is the only one that allows Alt, Win and Function key combinations – and allows them with Shift and Control as well.

aBreevy8 vs TextExpander

I had a friend ask me to recommend a program for her workplace. She had seen me use Breevy when we worked together before and wanted something similar, but she wanted me to look at all the options.

I looked at many text expansion tools. The only one that came remotely close to aBreevy8* was TextExpander. But TextExpander could only do a fraction of what aBreevy8 can do. TextExpander can only operate in one window because the Alt keys are not allowed. And it couldn’t access the function keys, which is one of the things my friend was most interested in, given that she wanted to use it for automated testing.

While I know that TextExpander is used far and wide, I cannot understand why anyone would not drop it and switch to aBreevy8. TextExpander is far too limiting once you have seen what can be done with aBreevy8.

How I Use aBreevy8

First of all, I have an abbreviation that I am using multiple times right now – I type in a8 and it automatically expands to aBreevy8*. If you look back over the article you can see how many times I have used it – and I don’t have to worry about getting the casing of the name right!

Here are my most used abbreviations:

  • All of my email addresses
  • My website
  • My post office box address (I can never remember the ZIP code)
  • Taking the text on the clipboard and starting up a new blog post in my editorial calendar.
  • All HTML codes for formatting website and blog entries manually (this would require setting the before and after codes for each chunk of text)
  • Setting up the table of contents pages for my OneNote book journal
  • Holding my library card numbers
  • Putting in today’s or yesterday’s dates, in a variety of formats
  • Outline various meeting notes
  • Changing over the references from the archive blog site (which is under a different domain) to the correct site
  • Creating the appropriate header for my programming code, complete with my initials and the appropriate dates
  • Setting up all of the bookmarks in my planners so that I can fill in the dates as needed

Anything I can do with my keyboard can be done within aBreevy8.

Cost And Support

And here’s the kicker – all this great functionality, and it is affordable. aBreevy8I costs less than $25 per year (2024) or you can get a lifetime license for a mere $99. Given how much I use the program, this actually breaks down to pennies per abbreviation for me.

And I can tell you, as a user of the software for over 15 years, this code is solid. I’ve never had it flake out or otherwise crash. It runs smoothly, upgrading through various Windows setups – without a blink.

I am also pleased to note that with the launch of aBreevy8I, the developer has team licensing available.

You can find more information and purchase aBreevy8 here*.

Not sure about this miracle tool? You can try it free of charge (no credit card required).

In conclusion, aBreevy8 is more than just a text expansion tool — it is an essential part of my daily routine that saves time and eliminates repetitive tasks. The functionality it offers is unparalleled compared to other tools on the market. Whether you’re coding, writing, or simply managing daily tasks, I believe everyone can benefit from incorporating aBreevy8 into their workflow. Try it out and see the difference it makes!

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