How to Print on Sticky Notes

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I love sticky notes. I love that they can be moved around. I like using them for quick task lists and reminders of routine items. I don’t love rewriting things. I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if I could print on them?” I figured out how to print on sticky notes, and today I’ll talk about how I do it.

Repeating Tasks

This first became a wish of mine when I was in the classroom. I had various sets of papers for the week, all in different states: finish the lesson plan; print up the objectives; do slides; do handouts; photocopy. The easiest thing was to put a sticky note on the lesson plan to indicate what needed to be done and by when.

I used a single sticky note and just rewrote things for 3 classes a day, every day. It was a lot of writing. So I learned to print them.

The Process

It was fairly simple. I created a Word document and created a table with six 3” x 3” cells. I left the borders on the cells.

Next I printed the page with the borders, giving me a paper with six 3” x 3” squares outlined. I put sticky notes on these boxes and put the page back in the printer.

I then went back to the document, removed the borders, and put the text I wanted on the sticky notes in the cells. I then printed this page. It came out on the sticky notes.

Uses for Printed Sticky Notes

I have used this method not just for my class materials, but for other things as well:

  • Diet and exercise tracking
  • Routine tasks (to change or build a routine)
  • Mini mini sprints, which contain a list of tasks I want to accomplish in the next two hours


I’ve done the hard work for you. Fill in your address below to sign up for my newsletter, and download a Word document that has both the outline page and a page to put your own text in.

Using this method has made things like health tracking much easier. I no longer have to haul out my bullet journal to record; I can do it on the sticky and transcribe the information later. It’s saved me a lot of time and effort.

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  1. Pat Marinelli

    I’m already signed on to your newsletter. I just wanted to say that this is the best post ever. I had no idea you could print your own sticky notes. I love them. Use them all the time. You are a god send.

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