Morning Tips for Non-Morning People

Morning Tips for Non-Morning People
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I am not a morning person. In fact, I have great difficulty in waking up unless there is sufficient light. And since winter is a time of insufficient morning light, coupled with cold mornings, it is very difficult for me to get up and get things done. Yet getting those things done is what sets the tone for the whole day. Here are five tips I used in the morning:

#1: Get Away from the Bed

My first strategy is to get myself out of the bed. An alarm clock that can be turned off without me opening my eyes simply leads to me automatically turning it off without recognizing it. I keep my alarm clock in the bathroom adjoining my bedroom. I have to get out of bed and walk across a cold floor in order to hit the snooze.

#2: Turn On The Lights

I have a dawn simulator clock* by the bed. The only snooze is through a complicated path on my phone. The light will generally get me to keep my eyes open.

#3: Get Moving

Staying in bed is a recipe for dozing off. I have to get up and out of bed as soon as possible, even if I barely have my eyes open.

As part of my morning routine, I do a simple routine of yoga stretches designed to open up my hip flexors, release my back and neck, and stretch out the tight muscles that trigger plantar fasciitis. My cat generally joins me on the mat for these, and I find I can do them without really being alert.

#4: Hot Beverage

Coffee/hot tea/hot water is a no-fail way for me to get going. The heat of the beverage makes me open my eyes quickly, and since I cannot be prone while drinking a scalding beverage, it gives me incentive to stay upright.

#5: Combination

Getting my first cup of coffee is a way to implement all four strategies at once. I have the coffee machine set up to brew the coffee in time for my first alarm. I can then get out of bed (strategy 1), turn on the lights going downstairs (strategy 2), dodge the animals who are weaving around my ankles waiting to be fed (strategy 3) on the way to the coffee pot (strategy 4).

By the time I have worked my way downstairs and have the first cup of coffee in my hand, I am able to do my morning routine and set the rest of the day up for sucess.

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    This is definitely me in the morning! Thanks for the tips!

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