Podcast Episode 74: Things To Do In A New Year


I rarely have time to prep for the new year in December. The holiday season is a busy one for me, and it doesn’t allow for the retrospection that I find I want to give the start of a new year. I know that January 1 is only a date, but I like taking the slow weeks after the new year to consider the year ahead. I like to reflect and plan the new year in the slow weeks of January. My steps include:

  • Review the old year
  • Seeing what worked – and what didn’t
  • Reviewing my systems
  • Reviewing my tools
  • A look at my targets and goals
  • Evaluate how my life reflects my priorities
  • Make a dream/vision board
  • Start a new planner
  • Tidy my spaces
  • Make a 100 things to do list

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