Making a Dream Board with Canva

Making a Dream Board with Canva

It has been said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Since we can distill complex thoughts into single images, it makes sense that we can use images to represent our desires. Dream boards, which are collections of things you want, are a collage of images and words that we can look at to remind us of what we are seeking.

What Is A Dream Board?

A dream board is a collection of images and words used to represent what we desire. They can also be called vision boards.

They are not “if I make a wish it will come true” boards. They are reminders of the things you are working toward in your life.

Far too often our goals and aspirations can be sunk in the mire of everyday obligations.

Dream boards are a way of reminding us that there is more in life we are seeking than the next load of laundry, long day at work, or pile of dirty dishes.

I make a dream board at the beginning of each year. I print copies out and use it as the insert in my mouse pads*.

My Method of Construction

Most people who talk about making dream boards talk about gathering magazines and starting to cut out pictures and words.

That is way too 20th century for me. I prefer to do things digitally. So I use the free program Canva to construct my boards. But there is a process.

Getting Started: The Words

In order to create a vision board, you need to know what you are dreaming about. I spend some time figuring out what I want more of in my life. This is this year’s list:

  • Spending time with my daughter
  • Spending time with my cat
  • Spending time with my husband
  • Writing the next fiction book
  • More time crafting
  • Relaxing at the ocean
  • Camping
  • Reading
  • Trip to Disney
  • Increasing the blog income
  • Journaling
  • Time with friends
  • Developing healthy eating and exercise routines


Sometimes I have pictures that I have taken that will represent an item in my list. For instance, a picture of my daughter and me, the cat and the camper are done.

Other times I will look for online sources. Since my dream boards are for my personal use only, I don’t have to worry about redistribution licenses. However, I use Unsplash whenever possible because it is copyright and royalty free, and the pictures are stunning.

I will also use pictures that are on Flickr, paying attention to usage.

I download all of the pictures onto my hard drive, and then upload them all onto Canva. (You’ll see this in the video below)

Putting It Together In Canva

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash