My Habit Tracker Choice

My Habit Tracker Choice

I looked into switching from my paper habit tracker to apps in October. After evaluating three of them for a few weeks, I have finally made my habit tracker choice.
Finding a Habit Tracker

Finding a Habit Tracker

Do you know how well you do on actually completing the things you consider habits? I’m a big believer in tracking habits so that I have the hard-and-fast numbers to show me, eliminating my mind’s bias in how well I do.
Changes to My Bullet Journal, Oct 2023

Changes to My Bullet Journal, Oct 2023

I’ve been using a Bullet Journal - in the original, minimalistic sense, for about 5 years. I’ve experimented and adjusted, but I’ve never really written about my experiments. I made some big changes this month, and I thought I would share them.
RocketBook Hacks

RocketBook Hacks

I love the idea of a reusable notebook. I love the RocketBook companion app as well. But not so much the RocketBook products. So I came up with some RocketBook hacks.
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Where to Get Free and Low-Cost Ebooks

I am a reader. The term "voracious" has been applied, but to me, it is just the level I read at. During a typical month I will read upwards of 15 fiction books. That can lead to some hefty book bills, unless you know where to get free and low-cost ebooks.

Back in the day, I would get my books at the library or in second-hand bookstores. Because frankly, buying that amount of books new would lead to some really hefty book bills!
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Why I Left Hootsuite, And How It Caused Me To Re-evaluate Many Other Things

Sometimes I get complacent. I don't want to do the work to evaluate my habits, routines, processes, and tools simply because I've done the work before. As a result, I often am stuck with things that don't work, until some external force causes me to re-evaluate where I am.

I realized this was an over-arching theme in my life recently after one of my tools did just that - forced me to re-evaluate. And it's caused some churn in my life, all of which has made things better.
favorite tools

My Favorite Tools

One of the things people constantly ask me is what tools I use. It’s like they expect I have some magic set of tools that makes productivity easy for me.

Nope. I use some easily accessible tools, and most of them are free.

So today I will talk about my favorite tools.

Productify Your Phone

A friend of mine called from the road and asked me for the phone number for my mechanic. She had a breakdown, and even though I had given her the number when she told me about her concerns weeks before, she had lost it and never made the appointment. She writes down phone numbers in various places, and never has them with her when she needs them.

If you have a central place to keep your important phone numbers that is always with you, you will never face this situation. And if you enter important phone numbers - before you need them - you'll be even further ahead of the game.
right tool

The Right Tools For the Job

I am aware that you can re-purpose things to serve functions the designer never intended. For example, in college I never owned a tool set. If I had to hang up a picture, I would use a high-heeled shoe to do the pounding.

Not only can the right tool make the job go faster, but finding places where your productivity is pinched can help you pinpoint where you need to find better tools.