A Practical Time Blocking Example

A Practical Time Blocking Example

In The Basics of Time Blocking I talked about, well, the basics of time blocking. But sometimes the best way to learn something is to see it. So here we have a time blocking example.

For this article I wanted to show you exactly how I do it – with pictures – plus give you a chance to download the forms I use. This is a real day with one of my real schedules and real task lists.

A Word About Lamination

I discovered the wonders of lamination when I was a teacher. Our school laminator was broken more often than not, and I wanted my classroom decoration (which was evaluated as part of my performance) to stand up to the test of time. I found a great inexpensive page-size laminator* through Amazon Basics.

What I also discovered while teaching is that you can write on these laminated sheets with a dry erase marker and then wipe it clean to start over.

I laminate anything that I use as a checklist or a form that I would typically print out and then throw away. I have laminated these time blocking sheets as well.

The Sheets

I have three sheets that I use for time blocking: a task list, and two schedule sheets.

Filling Out the Tasks

My first step is to fill out the tasks on the task list. This includes things from my electronic task lists, plus the area where they occur.

Filling out the area allows me to group tasks together into a time block so I’m not wasting my time running from one place to another.

Filling Out the Schedule Sheets

Since I am working from home, I include my working hours on these sheets. I list a time range and what I will be doing.

I separate out the work meetings, because I cannot be doing anything else during that time. But during the times when I am not in meetings, I list the things I should be working on during those blocks. It helps keep me focused during my working hours.

Adding Tasks To The Schedules

Next I take my task list and I slot in tasks into my blocks. I try to arrange them by area if I have multiple small tasks to do.

As I put the tasks on the schedule, I mark them as scheduled on the task list.

(I can also take advantage of the fact that some of the time I am waiting for my computer to process something, and I can leave my desk and do a quick task, such as starting the Roomba. )

Want The Forms?

These forms are available as part of my Productivity Sprint Workbook. If you want them for yourself, enter your email address below. You will be signed up to my mailing list and will receive the forms as well.