Tranquility By Tuesday #7: Take One Night For You

Tranquility By Tuesday #7: Take One Night For You
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Getting stuck in the grind of the week, particularly if you are parents, can make life seem like a never-ending to-do list. Tranquility By Tuesday* Rule #7, Take One Night For Yourself, encourages us to do something outside of the normal to rejuvenate yourself.

This is one rule that I was already doing, and have done for many years. Every Wednesday night, from August to June, I have participated in a choir.

Why Take A Night

Taking a night for yourself is a way to give yourself a break from all the tasks and responsibilities that can fill up every minute of our life. It gives us a place to be ourselves, without any of the labels that can follow us around. (Did you know my name was actually “E’s Mom”?)

Tranquility By Tuesday* not only goes into a deep dive of why you should take a night, but also the importance of leaving home to do it. This is because you are more likely to actually take the time if you leave your home.

Don’t Give In To the Obstacles

The book also goes into great detail about how to make this happen. This can be particularly challenging when you have children. There are many strategies to give you ideas on how to succeed.

That’s not to say if there is an urgent situation at home that you shouldn’t be present. Just that you should view this as a priority.

My Night Every Week

I joined the choir and music program for our church before I was married (over 25 years ago) and with a couple of years of break I have been consistent. It allows me to get out of the house and be with other musicians, learning music and techniques and singing/playing with people in small ensembles.

I have done this with the help of childcare provided by the church, my husband taking a break from choir to care for our toddler daughter, and as she grew older, having her sit in the pews doing homework during rehearsal.

The only break I took was during my teacher training and my teaching year, when I had other commitments on Wednesday night.

Taking My Night A Step Further

My husband is no longer in choir, and my daughter is in college. But this night continues to be an important weekly time to see my friends and learn about music.

While the choir commitment is only about 1.5 hours a week, I have taken this rule a bit further since reading Tranquility By Tuesday*. I no longer schedule tasks before or after choir on Wednesdays. I take a break from my task lists, cooking, housework and anything else. I allow myself to read or craft or watch television or play a video game.

Why I Love This Rule

This rule gives me a break in the middle of the week. My job can be intellectually exhausting, and I find that exercising other “muscles” gives me a reset to get through the remainder of the work week.

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