30 Day Challenge Wrapup: Gratitude

30 Day Challenge Wrapup: Gratitude

For the first month of 2020, I chose the challenge of gratitude. I wanted to have more gratitude in my life in order to recognize how blessed I am, and to counteract the idea of “more” that is everywhere these days.

What I Found

It was hard for me to remember to do this every day. I had to set a reminder on my phone to tell me to turn to the page in my journal to work on this. I think that this would have been easier to do online.

I also struggled with ideas for what to be grateful for. I found that if I had a theme (like “home” or “family”) it was easier to find things to be grateful for.

This was not my most successful challenge. It was probably done 30% of the time. If I choose to do this again, I will do it online, use reminders, and use themes to help me with this.