30 Day Challenge: Exercise Every Day

30 Day Challenge: Exercise Every Day

The average American sits for 11 hours a day. That is outside of the time spent in bed sleeping. We are the fattest we have ever been, and our sedentary lifestyle is leading to disease. I’ve been conscious of these types of numbers for years now, but have been unwilling to do anything about them other than nod and promise myself I would do something in the future. But recently I’ve had some direct consequences. Enter my November 30 day challenge.

Why Exercise?

I sit way too much. It’s a function of my current job. But I remember the days in the classroom when I rarely sat, and how much better I felt physically. I’m starting to feel pain from a tight hip flexor, and exercise is the only way to ease that so I can sleep.

The Rules

I’m not doing an all-out challenge here. I’m just working a healthier level of movement into my life. So no super sessions at the gym or marathon (no pun intended) exercise sessions. Just upping my level of movement and exercise every week.

What I Hope To Gain

I really hope to get to the point where my hip is not hurting at night. I also hope to sleep better, have more energy and experience less muscle soreness from poor sitting posture.

The Plan

Here are my self-set guidelines:

  • Week 1: 5 minute yoga every morning, hitting my step count every day.
  • Week 2: 5 minute yoga every morning, hitting my step count every day, doing my hourly minimum step 250 (from Fitbit)
  • Week 3: All week 3 plus adding 1,000 steps every day and standing at work at least 20 minutes of every hour
  • Week 4: All week 4 plus another 1,000 steps every day plus standing at work at least 35 minutes of every hour

Want to Join Me?

If you would like to join along with this challenge, let me know. You can do so via email (Laura@LauraEarnest.com, on Twitter with #30DayExercise or on Facebook.

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash