Podcast Episode 11 – Why You Shouldn’t Put Tasks on Your Calendar

For my monthly patron Q&A I was asked the question: “Do you put tasks on your calendar?” It’s such a big question that I wanted to unpack that in a single episode, but I think it’s also very important for people to hear.

There are a lot of productivity experts who believe that your calendar should be your be all and end all as far as tracking. They recommend that you not only put your appointments on the calendar, but then every day sit down and slot in the specific tasks you are going to do.

I understand why this idea appeals. It turns a calendar into a time-bound schedule from which you can work. It serves to eliminate all questioning from your day. If you want to know what you should be doing, you just look at your calendar. Everything has a place, and you’ve considered how long you need to do each task and can plan for maximum efficiency.

But it doesn’t reflect real life. Here are the five reasons you shouldn’t put your tasks on the calendar.

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