You Know You’re Addicted to Lists When…

You Know You’re Addicted to Lists When…
This post was previously published. It has been updated.

For a lighter Monday, I thought I would give you the top signs you know you’re addicted to lists:

  • You have to put “sleep” and “eat” on your list, or you won’t do them.
  • Publisher’s Clearinghouse shows up at your door with a large check and you say “I can’t do this, it’s not on my list.”
  • You have lists of lists of lists.
  • You feel uneasy when you don’t have a list with you.
  • You feel uneasy when you have no way to make a list.
  • Your first response to anything is “I need to make a list.”
  • You put the impending delivery of your child on a list.
  • You have backups of your lists in case you misplace one.
  • You panic when your list app goes down.
  • You put “play with children” on your list.
  • You have trouble reading anything not in list format.
  • You put reading a list post about being addicted to lists on a list of things to be read.