Goals…As Waves?

goals as waves

I’m a musician and engineer. I was educated on waves as part of my degree. I’m also a productivity nerd with a healthy interest in goals. So when I came across this article in my archives, I decided it needed some more exposure. It presents goals as waves.

In a 2006 article, Graham English uses the wave as a metaphor for goals. It was a rather technical article, I will warn you. Here is a summary with my comments:

Frequency is how often you express your intentions.” How often you express your intentions is how often you are thinking about something. If you think about something once in a lifetime, it is far less likely to happen (except by chance) than something you focus on daily.

Wavelength is measured in terms of distance.” I had a hard time with this one, but distance to me is the path I am taking. I can take a very long path, or a more direct one.

Amplitude refers to the intensity of your intentions.” I am a firm believer that if you don’t want something very much, it is less likely to happen.

Attack: How quickly the sound reaches full volume after the sound is activated. Attack can signify your initial excitement and motivation. With what speed and force do you attack your goals?” This says it all.

Decay: How quickly the sound reduces in volume after the initial peak. Most people lose their initial motivation rather quickly.” Many people I know start out strong, then lose interest. Heck, I do that on some projects, too! This doesn’t seem to be the best way to pursue a goal.

Release: How quickly the sound fades after the end of the note.” In music, you have to know when to release it, i.e. when it is done. You also have to be careful not to hold a note too long…it is important to let things go at the right time.

I find this metaphor amazingly apt, although it took me a few readings to really grasp what he was saying. It all ties into visualization. I have read too much anecdotal evidence about how people rehearse things in their minds, or concentrate on something, and then it comes about.

Goals as waves. Another way to look at goals.

Kind of as a crazy parting shot…if everything is made of energy, and our thoughts are made of electrical impulses (energy), who is to say that our thoughts have no effect on anything outside of our heads?