Yak Shaving, Or Wooly Distractions

Yak Shaving, Or Wooly Distractions

In this post, I've explored the concept of "yak shaving", a term in programming that refers to the seemingly endless chain of small tasks that need to be completed before getting to the main task at hand. I've shared examples from internet research to household chores, and even my own recent work experiences, to illustrate how easy it is to get caught up in yak shaving. I've also discussed how the so-called "2 minute rule" can sometimes lead to this phenomenon. Ultimately, the goal is to stay focused on what truly matters and avoid unnecessary distractions.

Podcast Episode 73: Getting Back On Track After Disruption

Disruptions are a part of life. But depending on how we approach them, they can be minor blips, or major derailments. Using anchor points to assess the level of disruption and modifying routines, both in simplifying or complicating, allow me to weather disruptions without long-term consequences.
improve concentration

Five Ways to Improve Concentration

I am infinitely distractible, particularly when I am doing something that hasn't captured my imagination. I believe that concentration can be learned. I've managed to improve my concentration skills over the years. Here are some ways to improve concentration: