You Are Here: Being Present

Being Present
This post was previously published. It has been updated.

Somebody said to me the other day that she needed to stay where her feet were. It struck me as odd, because I first thought she misplaced her appendages! But what it really meant is that her mind had to be where her body was.

As I went for a walk recently, I decided not to plug into my podcast player because I didn’t want the chatter. Yet as I walked I caught myself making lists of things I needed to do when I got home, when I got to work, and for the evening. My head wasn’t where my feet were.

It’s another way to think of being present to the moment. I’m starting to find that my most enjoyable moments are when I am where my feet are, fully experiencing the moment.

Being present means that we can stop living in the future and be in the now. We can notice what is going on around us.

Being present means that you can have the brain down time that leads to bursts of creativity.

Being present means that you are deliberately engaging with the moments you have chosen.

Being present is meditating without meditation.

Being present solves many problems.

Stay where your feet are. Be present. You might be surprised at how powerful this technique is.