30 Day Challenge Wrapup: All of the Above

30 Day Challenge Wrapup: All of the Above

This is the last month of the year, and I decided to firm up the 30 days challenges I had attempted over this year. (See http://lauraearnest.com/2019-final-challenge/)

What I Did

  • Exercise. I worked to hit my step count every day. I also made it a point to stretch every day (to relieve hip pain) and stand regularly while working.
  • Planning. I planned the night before. My days go much smoother when I do this.
  • Spending Freeze. This was a great feeling this month. No piles of junk that end up being thrown or given away.
  • Touch It Once. I focused on doing a horizontal sweep every evening. This meant I kept the horizontal surfaces of kitchen, desk, dresser and writing studio clean. This went a long way to keeping the house looking tidy.
  • Early Morning. I am still struggling with this, but it goes much better when I get to bed early, so I focused on this.
  • Bullet Journal. Still loving it…trying to enter more pages other than my daily notes.
  • Saying No, Completing Tasks. I really cut back on what I did during the month. It helped me feel less frantic. I’m also working on finishing some craft projects, since I’m eager to start some new ones.

What I Learned

The biggest thing I learned is that I have to have a checklist. Even when I am doing a thirty day challenge, I need to include these items on my daily and weekly checklists in order to make sure that they get done. Luckily, my checklist is in Word and I print it out to go into my bullet journal. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve loved this conclusion to the year. I feel like I’m going strong and that the 30 day experiments have worked well. I’ll keep doing them in 2020.